Anime News Network: Interview with Hidetaka Tenjin by Andrew Osmond

This May, visitors to the MCM London Comic Con had a chance to see a master mecha artist at work; Hidetaka Tenjin, who creates extraordinarily lush digital paintings based on Macross, Space Battleship Yamato and many other titles. He also has ‘mecha’ credits on such anime as Macross Frontier and Hellsing Ultimate. While he was in London, I had the chance to quiz him about his career. (Thanks to Viewster for inviting Mr Tennjin to London Comic Con, and arranging this interview.)

Hello, Mr. Tenjin. According to a previous interview, you first started drawing when you were about eight or nine. When you very little, were you already drawing robots and planes?

Tenjin: Actually I think I was drawing from about three or four. I had a brother who was eight years older than me, so I was influenced by the films and anime that he was watching, and I used to draw things from those.

You’ve said that anime such as Mazinger and Yamato were influences on you when you were young – were there any other big influences on your imagination? [Tenjin was born in 1973.]

There was a really famous film, I don’t know the English title… (sings) da-da-da-da-daa…

Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
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