Viewster breaks into top rankings in the US and UK

Ad Funded VOD provider played 250 million videos to over 12 million Americans and Brits in February

Viewster Media has for the first time been listed in comScore’s Video Metrix report, ranking in the Top 50 in the US and Top 20 in the UK with 8.3 million and 3.7 million unique visitors, respectively, in February. Globally, Viewster reaches 29 million unique visitors in February, according to internal numbers.*

In the month of February, Viewster Media’s network of sites and syndication partners delivered 198.6 million videos in the US and 50.9 million videos in the UK. The recent comScore report puts Viewster Media among the most popular VOD providers as VOD sites continue to grow in popularity among cord-cutters, who are opting for on-demand entertainment instead of scheduled TV.

“Viewster is proud to join the ranks of the Top 50 online video properties in the US and Top 20 in the UK, while significantly increasing our views month-to-month” said Viewster CEO Kai Henniges. “Even with prominent alternatives, audiences are still finding a way to gravitate to our cross-device offering of curated movies and TV series. At the same time, advertisers follow the audience and are attracted by our premium, brand-safe environment for their video campaigns.”

The network’s traffic numbers from Germany and Australia will also soon be third-party audited by the leading institutions AGOF (for Germany) and Nielsen, delivering real-time targeting options to its customers. To join the millions of film fans discovering great content on Viewster, or to learn more about how Viewster works, please visit

About Viewster
Viewster is a leading free “on demand” service, offering a wide range of current and classic films, TV series and film star interviews to watch for free or for a small fee. Headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in New York and London, Viewster is available in 120 countries worldwide. Viewster’s service is available on the web at and is pre-installed on most Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. Free-to-download mobile apps are available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Viewster Media is a network of sites and syndication partners, including, Youtube channels and others.

*According to Google Analytics.