Viewster to be offered globally on Samsung’s multiple platforms

Viewster’s on-demand video application will be carried by Samsung devices on all platforms and in all territories.
“We are delighted to offer our service to Samsung’s multiple platforms globally,” commented Richard Ganter, SVP Strategic Partnerships at Viewster. “Samsung has superb products in all device classes, and customers around the world will now benefit from Viewster’s video on demand service.”

Viewster on Samsung in TV, Blu-Ray Players, Tablets and Mobiles
The Viewster application – which gives access to Viewster’s on demand catalogue of award-winning movies and TV shows – will be available through Samsung Apps for 2010 and 2011 Smart TVs, as well as on blu-ray players in over 120 countries. Similarly, Viewster will be offered on Smart TVs and blu-ray players within Samsung’s ‘Explore 3D’ 3D Video on Demand service and in ‘Your Video’, which delivers recommendations based on a user’s viewing history.

In the mobile space, Viewster’s Android and Bada 2.0 based mobile applications will be included on key Samsung smartphone models, allowing its state of the art on demand movie service to be experienced across Galaxy smartphones and tablets as well as Wave smartphones.

Seamless viewing first for Samsung and Viewster

Covering most of Samsung’s platforms and device classes, the deal offers Samsung customers a seamless Viewster experience, with the ability to enjoy on demand movies anytime and anywhere.

The Viewster multiplatform Video on Demand application enables viewing across multiple devices using a single sign on. This means a user can begin watching a movie at home on their Samsung Smart TV, then resume viewing on their Galaxy Tab while waiting for a friend in a café with wi-fi.

Samsung customers will be able to choose to watch movies from Viewster either free with ads or as paid rentals.